Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another Turnover for J-Kidd

From the last post you'll see that I was clearly unenthused by the Beijing Olympics. To me, the feel-good stories were few and far between while the discomforting stories were much too prevalent. I am talking mostly of the discomfort of getting kicked in the face by a Cuban Taekwondo-er (Taewond-ist?). This morning, however, I saw a story that by its opening would indicate some potential for salvation, a glimmering light that the spirit of the games could shine through. The story starts with "Jason Kidd gives his gold medal to...". Immediately you would surmise that the sentence would end with "earthquake victims", "destitude orphan" or even "the guys who carried his son's hats from the cab to the hotel room". You would be wrong on all accounts. In fact, Jason Kidd gave his gold medal to Elaine Wynn. Who's that you ask? Here's a picture of the deserving recipient:

That's her in the middle standing beside the world's 277th richest man in the sunglasses, her husband multi-billionaire Steve Wynn. Well done J-Kidd. I'm sure that your unwanted Gold Medal could have fetched a good five or six figures at auction for some charity. Hell Knicks owner, Charles Dolan, would have probably paid a couple million for it given that he's spent substantially more than that unsuccessfully trying to buy a championship in the past. But who cares? Clearly Mrs. Wynn needs another coaster. Wait a minute....Elaine's husband runs a casino. People gamble at casinos. Sometimes people lose money by gambling and are required to make restitution for those losses. Other tawdry activities happen in casinos. Sometimes that tawdriness is arranged and requires payment. An Olympic gold medal is made of gold. For centuries gold was used as currency in addition and still today acts as a store of value particularly as a hedge against inflation, making it an ideal form of payment. Am I going somewhere with this? Absolutely not. That would besmirch this man's good name.

For some reason Jason Kidd has always been given an abolsute free ride by the sports press. You would think a guy who has worn out his welcome on three different teams and slapped his wife around wouldn't be lionized the way he is, yet that's exactly what has happened and I, for one, don't understand it. Whether he was just flippantly disregarding the symbolic (not to mention, financial) value of the medal or setting things straight with the house this move is pure J-Kidd. Then again, maybe I'm being too harsh. There is the possibility that he offered it to his son but had to take it back after he was unable to get it over his giant head. Now I'm definitely being too harsh.


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