Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Please don't be Marshawn, Please don't be Marshawn

...the Yankees look a bit desperate putting Chamberlain immediately into the starting rotation without him doing anything to prove he's ready for that responsibility. Quite frankly, I'm surprised that's something they'd just hand Joba.


This Marshawn thing is getting very worrisome. At a very minimum he's ignored the Bills restriction on their running backs owning SUVs. This rule was put in place around 9:15PM on June 17, 1994.

Holy crap, this was almost 14 years ago

Hopefully this is all he's guilty of. In a worst-case scenario he was the one driving and it was he who then made the idiotic decision to not stick around to see what kind of shape the woman he hit was in. At least whoever was driving (please don't be Marshawn, please don't be Marshawn) hit a Canadian so he won't be facing a crippling civil case like that other Bills running back I was hinting at earlier. I know a guy who, like the "victim", is from Milton. He's a great guy so I assume his fellow Miltonian is as well. I'm sure getting grazed by a car at 3:30AM is viewed in the proper perspective back home in the 289. Milton's the type of town where you get up, brush yourself off and keep on keepin' on. I'm sure if the driver had simply stopped and apologized this would have all been forgotten by now. Presumably a girl who grew up with the last name Shpeley has learned to roll with the punches. Please don't be Marshawn, please don't be Marshawn.

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