Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More TV observations

..."just like the help used to make". "No Galen junior", the producer gently interrupted, "it's just like your grandmother used to make". "Grandmother's make apple crisp?" the confused grocery heir asked. Sixteen more takes and the commercial was finally finished.

That's it. I just needed to call out those gawdawful Loblaw ads. I know he's the boss but there must be one person in the boardroom with the balls to stand up and say that chosing this douchebag as the spokesperson was a bad idea. Usually a slight hint of a fake English accent combined from an individual with no actual job experience and a heaping helping of blatant nepotism doesn't typically add up to "likeable spokesperson". We're not exactly talking Dave Thomas. Hell, this guy isn't even Sy Sperling.


47_Ronin said...

I like Galen - he's like a dumber version of John Tory. Plus I don't actually think he's smarter than I am - and that helps. Too many people are smarter than I am - it can become a bit much, so Galen's ads are like a breath of fresh, vacant air.

Dominic Bugatto said...

.... nothing's worse than the ad of that twat singing over the intercom system of grocery store " good things grow in Ontaaaariiiio " ........... like nails on a chalkboard.