Thursday, January 17, 2008

World Issues: no longer just a BS OAC course

..."Apparently the Leafs are still referring to it as an upper body injury". I told President Musharraf that I didn't think that was very funny or appropriate and that he should keep it down until the end of the funeral. Secretly, I actually thought it was quite funny and made a mental note to steal the joke.

Speaking of Pervez, I wonder if he goes by Perv for short. If he does let's hope, for his sake, he doesn't come to North America when he steps down/goes into exile/is overthrown. It would be a huge culture shock for Perv. Every eVite he would send out would sound like a Toronto Sun headline. Imagine his housewarming. "Perv has moved to your neighborhood". Poor Perv would have no idea why no one showed up. Say he wanted to volunteer to get involved in his new community.

Charity director: "This new guy seems to have a lot of experience in leadership positions. He seems like the perfect guy to run our youth centre. All we need is a background check."
Volunteer #1: "Don't bother"
Charity director: " Why, is he a perv?".
Volunteer #1: "He's a total perv. He wrote it down right on his application".

Perv would be completely shunned through no fault of his own. Poor guy. Hopefully there's some arm within the Citizenship and Immigration ministry that helps those with names that sound dirty in English come up with alternatives. Craig Musharraf would have people lined up at the door for his housewarming party.

I thank my lucky stars that I am no longer a single man. I would not relish having to compete for women's affection with this guy.

Sure, but can he cook?

So let me get this straight...he's a prince and will one day be the King of England, he has one of those proper accents, he's tall, he's very dreamy and now he's freakin' Top Gun!?! How does this guy not have every girl in the world and I mean every last one? All the committed woman out there must be kicking themselves right now for settling.....and thank God they did.

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