Monday, January 7, 2008

Thanks America

Here's a piece of great news I inexcusably missed from late last year. Chipotle Mexican Grill, the greatest quick service restaurant the world has ever seen, has announced that they will be opening their first restaurant outside the contiguous 48 States by the end of this year. The location....Toronto, Ontario (or Toronto, Canada as American TV often refers to it. I'll complain about that next time I'm in New York City, America). For the uninitiated, Chipotle offers amazing Mexican food. Comparing it to Taco Bell is an affront to Mexico and to cookery. Mentioning the Chipotle Carnitas burrito (carnitas is/are a beautifully slow-cooked pork) in the same paragraph as something like border fries is akin to lumping Steve Nash and Clifford Olson together simply because they're both from out West. Chipotle uses much higher-quality ingredients and more authentic recipes than any Mexican chain before it. Trust me, if you haven't had it before you're in for a treat. So far, no other details about location or exact opening dates have been released. I'm hoping for something close, but not too close. A couple of subway stops or a long walk away would be ideal. Anything closer and within six months I will likely take on a decidedly more Rubinesque physique. That is to say, I will grow one of these and a couple of those.

They're real and they're fabulous

So the next year or two will see two of the five greatest things about America (being Chipotle and the Buffalo Bills) being shared across the 49th parallel. I haven't figured out what the other three are but let's just go with a responsive service culture, self determination and TV commercial producers. What will we give them in return? Oil, wheat and Little Mosque on the Prairie. Seems to me like we're making out like bandits with this trade.

Here's something else I'll gladly throw in - Newmarket, Ontario native Steve Downie. Downie won two gold medals with our Canadian junior hockey team and scored 92 points in only 45 games last season. Oh and one other thing, he sucker punches guys with cancer. Downie, who's checkered past includes being suspended for 20 games to begin this season and beating the crap out of a teamate in junior, threw a punch at Maple Leafs forward Jason Blake while he (being Blake) had his arms restrained by a linesman.

Downie completing misinterpreting the call to help beat cancer

America, or whoever else wants him, he's all yours.

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