Thursday, January 24, 2008

Surprise, Boston teams can lose! why am I telling you this? I'm not sure really. I just thought you should know. Most people only have one, I have a few. I've never understood why that's such a big deal. Hopefully we can all just move on and be adults about this.

Last night contained the greatest few minutes in recent Toronto sports history. Just before 10PM Jose Calderon turned the corner on a couple of Celts on his way to the winning three-point play. This was followed by one of the most wonderful things I've ever seen. The camera panned to the bench to focus on head coach Sam Mitchell. Luckily the wide screen captured the Raptors assistant coach Jay Triano celebrating in a manner which could only be described as awesome. Triano couldn't constrain his exuberance. He immediately broke in to, rather convulsed in to, a rain dance/dosi-do that would have made even the least rhythmic amongst us cringe. With his left arm he started a Dawg pound sort of twirl, while jumping on his opposite first, all while spinning in a circle. If you've ever been to a wedding in the suburbs you would recognize this move as "half-in-the-bag uncle, dancing to Beyonce". He sure went crazy right then! It was spontaneous, it was spectacular. Moments later the Celtics missed a couple shots and the Raptors escaped with a road win against the best team in the NBA. A quick flip of the channel brought the sight of Captain Mats banging in a rebound with 30 seconds left in the Leafs game. The next half minute of hockey caused some consternation but luckily no damage was done and that game too ended in victory for the good. Late game comeback, awkward white guy, Now, that's a Wednesday night!

The death of Heath Ledger is rather disturbing. People around the office, myself included, were genuinely upset when the news broke, more so than I would have imagined. From what anyone could tell, he seemed like a decent guy (he was Australian after all) and was a talented actor. The fact that he had a young kid probably explains much of why people seem more affected by his death than that of his ilk. I know its been a while but I don't recall such an outpouring of sympathy after River Phoenix kicked it or Chris Farley dropped dead. Personally I felt quite guilty when the news broke as I had recently been convinced to join a dead pool by an old acquaintance. While I had not picked Ledger the news still made me feel rather ghoulish. I have since decided to withdraw my name from the pool. I had a terrible vision of running into someone that I had in my pool and bringing up that fact in a bid to make conversation. I've heard professional athletes mention how awkward it is when fantasy sports geeks talk to them about being on their teams. This would be infinitely worse. Telling a guy he should steal more bases is one thing. Telling him you think he's going to die this year and that you are, in a way, hoping for such an outcome is a whole new level of poor taste. Admittedly its a bizarre thought but who's to say Tara Reid wouldn't be in town for...whatever it is that she does these days. What if I was right and bumped into the widow of one of my selections in an elevator. My penchant for inappropriate conversation would make it very likely I would mention this. What's the etiquette in such a situation? It wouldn't be right to thank them, would it? Regardless, the best thing to do is to bow out now before I get any further into this devilish game. This is not really the type of thing a Dad should be involved in.

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