Thursday, January 31, 2008

Quest for 100k: and the grand total is....

Well today marks the end of January, let's tally up the kilometres to see how close I got to my goal. Alright...add this...and that...carry the 2...adjust for wind resistance....that leaves us with, not even close. Unless I decide to run 34k after work it looks like I'll come up a bit short. In the end, this is not altogether surprising. In fact, two thirds of the way there is about how far I normally get towards the arbitrary goals I set for myself. Usually I lose interest very quickly using the slightest bit of advesity as an excuse to quit. Luckily I'm not running CTU or 24 would be more like 1 and a half. The second episode would most likely have me complaining, "so we disarmed the nuke and killed who we thought was the ringleader but you're telling me I can't go home for another 22 hours? F that, I just shot like a dozen guys. I'll be at the bar". Oops, I just gave away season 7 (except that Jack Bauer then drives home and gets caught by a R.I.D.E. program).

You would imagine that I'd be quite happy with the news that the Bills are on the verge of announcing that they will play 8 games in Toronto over the next five years. Logically given that I am a more than casual fan of the Bills and I live in Toronto this is not an outlandish leap. Your assumption, of course, would be way off. Here are some of the details of this wonderful opportunity. If you commit now you get five regular season games and three pre-season games starting later this year running through 2012. All this for only $250...a seat...per game! That's $2,000...on average. Let's just start with the pre-season games. Have you ever watched pre-season football games? For the most part they have the intensity of a Doogie Howser/Whoopi Goldberg love scene. Have you ever been to the Rogers Centre? It has the atmospere of small claims court. You put that crap in that venue and expect me to pay $500 for a pair. Not only that, its a pair of tickets I can't use for 3 to 5 years and I have to buy three of these? There is overpriced, there is outrageous, there is MLSE and then, there is this. We have reached a level of absurdity that even those used to scoffing down $50 ByMark hamburgers may not even stand for. I don't think there are enough exclamations marks in the world to articulate what an outrage this is. It's enough to make Richard Peddie say "I'm all for screwing people but even I have my limits". I must admit he didn't actually say that. Truthfully, he doesn't have any limits. Who will possibly pay for these? I would imagine corporations would be hesitant to splurge on something they can't use for up to five years. I know this town is flush with cash but at least some of that has to have already been earmarked for platinum lounges and box seats at the ACC.

Must I remind you that this is for Buffalo Bills tickets? You can drive down the road and buy as many as you'd like for around $60. For $250 a group could buy tickets and a hovercraft to get you there and back. Of course you won't get sushi and pinot grigio or the chance to sit beside some douchebag in a scarf, cap and tartan sweater reading text messgaes (yes I'm talking to you, Asian guy sitting courtside across from the Raptors bench on Friday). Instead you'll have to watch a football game with actual football fans. How gauche!

We'll see if these rumoured prices are true. Despite the egregiousness I'm sure they are. I just hope that the money ends up in the hands of the Bills organization rather than the cabal that runs Toronto sports and, more importantly, they use it. The team has been crying poor for years. Now you've got your smitten sugar daddy in the form of the nondiscerning Toronto ticket buyers so go treat yourself. Perhaps the personal shoppers at Holt's will recommend a solid #2 receiver or an outside linebacker?

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