Tuesday, January 22, 2008

CBC's hot new show: Not completely terrible, yet!

..."Ha, ha" I said in a clearly sarcastic tone. "oh by the way" I added "have you been assigned a specific suicide bomber for all eternity and if so have you set up some sort of time-sharing arrangement with all his other virgins?" That shut him up. I know it may have been a bit harsh but he needed to be brought down a peg. Who cares if he was only 13.

Oh, the things a writer's strike and a brand new TV will make you watch. I have had this wonderful new television for only a couple days so I am still at a point where I watch things based on the availability of high-def programming versus the actual content. We're definitely both in the honeymoon phase where just being together makes us happy. Of course, by "us" I mean the TV and I. So far I have watched college basketball games that I had no interest in, a National Geographic program on the gangs of El Salvador and a great deal of the Australian Open. I must say, there is a very good chance that HD was invented with leggy Russian tennis players in mind. None of these things would have been on my radar screen in my old life, my standard definition life. Last night I watched something that even surprised the new HD me. I watched, from start to finish, the premier of "The Border" on the CBC. As you have probably seen from the numerous promos during hockey games or plastered all over the subways, The Border is Canada's 24 (about -4 depending on wind chill). I'm not sure why I watched, perhaps it was some sort of misguided nationalism. Regardless of what drove me to this strange behaviour I might as well tell you what I thought. In a word, not nearly as bad as I would have imagined. The production values were higher than I would have guessed with a couple of decent explosions and some reasonable gunplay. Unlike most Canadian programming I didn't immediately recognize all the actors/actresses from commercials or The Air Farce. That being said there was the obligatory Canadian Stage over-acting and occasionally terrible writing that are to be expected, but neither were bad enough to force me to turn the channel. Like most high-quality US cop/action shows the female characters were all much better looking than they would be in real life. My gut tells me that the CBC put all their budget and energy into the first episode. By week 2 we'll probably see Colin Mochrie playing the terrorist mastermind with the production values back to Street Legal-levels. Hopefully I'm wrong and they can actually develop the show into something worth watching even when stuff isn't blowing up.

Just one quick note on the upcoming Super Bowl. Today's big dish is that America's Dad, Tom Brady was seen walking around New York with a cast. I guarantee this is nothing but gamesmanship by Belichick and the forces of evil. He's fine. Remember how bad wrestlers in the 80s would feign injury knowing that good wrestlers would not attack them. It was a standard weasel move made famous by the likes of The Million Dollar Man and Ric Flair. They would then sneak up behind their opponent with a ring bell or chair. This is exactly what Brady is doing now. He's preying on the good sportsmanship of his opponents. I fully expect him to take off the cast and use it as a foreign object or, at a minimum, to create an even more painful figure four. Over the next week or so I imagine Rodney Harrison will be seen wearing a neck brace and Richard Seymour will start walking with a heavily-jewelled cane. Whatever you do Eli Manning, don't accept any invitations to Piper's Pit. It's a trap.

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