Monday, October 1, 2007

A Trent to watch this Fall

Note: this column is entirely about Bills football. I'll be back later this week with something on the baby, grammar and/or George Michael. You may want to check out the photo at least. It will make you smile.

My column from last Wednesday appears to have been prophetic as the Bills picked up their first win of the season. Curses to those that questioned the magic of the Korean knock-off! A strong showing by the patchwork defense along with a steady performance by quarterback Trent Edwards was enough to beat the lowly Jets 17-14. It looked a little scary at the end but this time (as opposed to week 1) Terrence McGee made the game-clinching interception to seal the deal. Edwards, filling in for the injured JP Losman, did enough to win the game with only one obvious mistake. A crappy opponent helped, but let's ignore that for now and just bask in the unfamiliar glow of victory. There's only one way to celebrate such a triumph, Air Guitar!

Surprisingly not from the 1980's archives. "Mandy" is rockin' out less than 24 hours ago.

Wow, I'm not sure I have ever seen someone takin' care of business and workin' overtime quite so well. Notice the pure, unbridled joy in her face. She also appears to be striking a chord with her left hand. I'm pretty sure it's the "F-ing A!" chord. I can't get enough of that picture.

As a Bills fan I would beg Jets management to please stick with Chadwith Pennington III as your quarterback for as long as possible. I relish the chance to play twice a year against a team led by someone who's arm strength compares poorly with that of a young girl that doesn't exercise and isn't particularly coordinated...or properly nourished...and has only one arm...and it's not her natural throwing arm.

If history has taught us anything it is safe to say that the airwaves in Western New York will now be monopolized by talk of a "quarterback controversy". As with the Flutie-Johnson mess of days gone by this will likely divide the locker room and end poorly. Luckily with Losman-Edwards you have two guys who are both young and seem like genuinely good guys. This, along with the presence of Marv at least opens the door for a reasonably peaceful resolution to this battle. By most accounts the chief drivers of the Flutie-Johnson controversy were the quarterbacks them self, particularly Flutie who was apparently not quite the "lovable" character he played on cereal boxes and TV commercials. This may all be moot if Edwards comes out and lays an egg next Monday night against the Cowboys. If he plays well expect full-flung chaos as Losman v. Edwards becomes the defining issue of the 2007 Bills season.

It's tough to pick a winner in this race. Losman is still young, has the physical tools and, perhaps most uniquely, has embraced the city of Buffalo. He is hard not to root for. For a decent chunk of last season he looked like a guy who could evolve into a consistent NFL starting quarterback. This season, he was awful before he got hurt with the possible caveat of overly conservative play calling as an excuse. Meanwhile, Edwards was personally recommended to Marv Levy by the late Bill Walsh plus he went to Stanford so he must be kinda smart. Only smart people make good NFL quarterbacks as evidenced by the scholarly trio of Terry Bradshaw, Brett Favre and Vince Young.

I like both guys. Before the season started I was firmly in JP's camp (as the Edwards camp had not yet formed). After JP's dismal start I could be persuaded to switch my allegiances for the good of the franchise, particularly over the long-term. JP is a stand-up guy but if Trent Edwards gives us a better chance to not only get to the play-offs, but actually win games, then let the Edwards Era begin! We'll watch closely to see how Edwards looks on Monday and whether or not his teamates respond well to him. At that point WWNW will officially endorse one of the two candidates. Keep on eye on the Bills Store and eBay. Once the Edwards jerseys appear it will mark the official beginning of the end for JP's time in Buffalo.

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