Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thoughts on aging

I feel as though I've hit a really ugly age. I no longer have the fresh-faced youthfulness of my early 20s and I've yet to acquired the distinguished look of someone more accomplished. You can see it in photos. Here's me from a couple years ago....

And here I am now...

Clearly, my man-prettiness has deteriorated. Maybe if I shave my head again I can recreate some of the magic of the "old me". I doubt it. I guess I'll just have to wait and hope that I age well. Even if I don't aesthetically improve hopefully I can get myself physically back into shape. I'm appalled by the fact that I'll likely be withdrawing from this weekend's 10k at the Toronto Zoo. Two years ago I ran the race with only above 12 hours notice. Essentially I ran it out of spite after finding out a couple of friends had already signed up. I made it through in a respectable time will little to no training. The past two years don't appear to have been kind to me as even with a couple of weeks of warming up I don't think I'm going to make it.

Aches and pains, terrible hangovers and the odd grey hair are all signs of aging that haven't particularly bugged me. Not being able to exercise without training or stretching, however, really bothers me. What will happen if I need to suddenly sprint away from an axe-wielding maniac or chase after someone who steals my blackberry? Surely there won't be an opportunity for me to stretch out my hamstrings or eat a power bar beforehand. I'll completely embarrass myself the next time I'm walking by some kids playing hoops and they ask me to join them (the next time would be the first time, but it could happen). This stinks. I feel like I'm 18 months away from limited aqua-aerobics as my only form of activity. Anyone know of a good canasta group looking for a new member?

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