Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A sport-less evening

Millions of people across North America turned on their computers this morning only to realize there was absolutely no reason to check their fantasy sports teams. For the first time in recent memory there were no professional football, baseball, hockey or basketball games played in North America last night. There wasn't even an exhibition game as hockey had wrapped up its schedule while the NBA pre-season has yet to begin. We were in a sports vacuum last night. Thankfully, it appears that most of us survived. It's probably a good thing that the media didn't make a big deal about this ahead of time or it may have caused mass panic. Better to let it go by unnoticed.

Luckily, the sport-less abyss ends tonight so throw away those books and knitting needles. Tonight brings the start of the NHL season (I will ignore the two games played in London as they didn't involve any team I cared about). You could feel the anticipation on the subway this morning. I noticed a new Canadian doing a word search. She had just circled Bower and was looking for Hextall and Dryden. I'm not kidding. I couldn't be more thrilled that this has become part of the ESL curriculum. Welcome to Canada, "Moog" is pronounced "Moag". This needs to be integrated into a Tim Horton's commercial along with a bit where Sudbury Saturday Night is played over a montage of citizenship ceremony footage. Is it weird that I get a bit teary-eyed every time I see a new Canadian wearing Leafs merchandise? These people are embracing our team because they choose to, not just because they happened to be born here. I saw a young middle eastern girl with a Leafs backpack the other day and wanted to give her a big hug. That probably wouldn't have been a good idea.

Taken right before the girls went out to bingo and the boys got stinko

I'm disappointed that John Tory completely shat the bed with his campaign leading to what is increasingly looking like a no-doubter of an election. The result is not necessarily what bothers me rather the fact that it won't be close. At the onset of the campaign it appeared as though we could have a very close race on our hands. A few slip-ups from Dalton and some good fortune for Tory could have even seen the Tories pull into the lead. Unfortunately Tory's misguided religious school crusade and subsequent reversal (which the Globe's Adam Radwanski - a former Bills trip participant - correctly critiqued as neither a principled stand or a brilliant strategic move) derailed all that. Now it looks like another boring election night is in store for next Wednesday with very little suspense or intrigue. Might as well start making your Family Day plans now.

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