Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Monday night at our place

Our daughter is expanding faster than Quizno's was a couple years ago. Unlike Quizno's, however, you won't get sick of this kid after a couple of weeks. She has now rocketed to the 75th percentile of height having been below average as recently as two weeks ago. Some rudimentary math indicates that she will be in the 90th percentile by next Saturday and by mid-November should be the tallest child her age in the western world. Apparently there's some superkid in North Korea that's being manufactured from the DNA of Michelle Wie and Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair. We should surpass her by early 2009 at the current trajectory, around the same time Charlie reaches her mother's height. She's really quite something.

With Mom enjoying a much deserved night at book club (girls gone wild!) the incredibly expanding Charlie and I were able to hang out and watch the Rockies vs. Padres play-in game, Heroes and Monday Night Football. It was a sneaky good night of television. None of the teams I support were playing and there wasn't an episode of 24 or 30 Rock on so my expectations were pretty low. I had prepared myself to be disappointed by season two of Heroes after getting hooked early on season one. Interestingly, when you aren't very good at typing "Heroes" will occasionally come out as "Herpes". Now that would have been disappointing! So far, at least, I've been happy with Heroes (though the Hiro in 1600's Japan story only got interesting at the very end). That being said, I missed the premiere but I enjoyed the synopsis that my wife gave me. Last night, of course, will pale in comparison with this coming monday night as Monday Night Football returns to Buffalo for the first time in 13 years. To think I was only 17 the last time Orchard Park hosted a primetime football game (let's ignore Sunday nights for now). As you can see by the photo of "Mandy" from yesterday's post some things in Buffalo haven't changed a bit since then. Zubaz has closed down all of their operations, except for their western New York sales office which is still doing brisk business. We'll talk more about this as the day draws nearer.

So basically I've written about how my kid has grown and what I watched on TV last night. I can't believe you guys read this crap.

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