Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Jonathan Powers, hand over your crown!

As the good book says there is no greater sin than allowing your guests to leave hungry...or sober. I think its safe to say that Charlie, Mrs. Holt and I were successful in avoiding that offense in hosting a very successful Iron Chef contest this past Saturday. The two teams brought the art of cookery and creativity to unprecedented levels. With nothing but our wits and guile six people transformed the simple squash, our theme ingredient, into a collection of mouthwateringly beautiful dishes. In true Iron Chef style I would have been honoured to have fallen to Marty and his team had the judges deemed them more worthy. In the end we won but the decision could have just as easily gone the other way. Here is a photo of the elated champions:

Oops, that's the other squash contest we won (that's me on the left). What a wonderful day that was.

On Sunday we embark on our annual pilgrimage to the Ralph to watch our beloved Bills. This marks the 8th year we've made the trip. The rejuvenated Bills have ridden a two-game winning streak towards respectability and a 3-4 record. If NFL contests were only 59 minutes long the Bills would be 5-2 and sitting in the driver's seat for a playoff berth but you know what they say, if my aunt had balls she'd be Erin Davis. As with most every year we watch a Bills team with uncertainty at the quarterback position. I didn't think I had the energy to wade into this debate before listening to the post-game show on WGR 550. The ridiculousness of their analysis, however, has served to wake me up. The hosts (prominent members of the "Edwards propaganda crew") continued the beatification of Trent Edwards despite another mediocre performance, which included another ill-advised throw that led to an interception. This is quickly becoming Edwards' signature move, much like Ted DiBiase's "Million Dollar Dream". If you had only listened to these two while not actually watching the game you could have come away with the impression that until being felled by a wrist injury, Edwards had looked like Joe Montana with an even more Patton-like command over his team. They even went so far as to claim that Edwards left the game with the lead showing the same regard for the truth that they do for objectivity. Edwards then gave way to the "reckless gunslinger" JP Losman who's 19 yard completion (that led to the go ahead field goal) was critiqued with an amount of venom usually only reserved for poorly-chosen Oscar dresses. Meanwhile, nothing was mentioned about Edwards momentously bad interception. He gets a pass on a play that could have cost us the game while JP gets raked over the coals for successfully gunning a 19 yard pass? Now that is some impressively delusional partisanship. I think we've found the next two candidates to be Dubya's press secretary. The 85 yard touchdown pass that JP threw to Evans that officially clinched the victory was similarly ripped apart with the hosts even suggesting that JP (and perhaps Evans) went against the coaches to call that play. Usurpers! How dare they! I also heard the two of them tried to buy yellowcake from Niger. Of course, JP didn't hit Evans in stride but he put the ball in a spot where the team's best weapon could make a play, something Edwards does not yet seem capable of. Nothing was said of Edwards lame duck "bomb" to a wide open Evans in the Ravens game that caused him to cut his route short thus turning what should have been an easy touchdown into a long completion. His other attempt to hit Evans deep in that game was short and over his wrong shoulder. Again, nothing was mentioned. Edwards is the champion of the Buffalo sports media and the Bills brass. No evidence to the contrary will cause them to second-guess their premature anointment. Of course they brought up the intellectually lazy argument that the team has a better record with Edwards than with JP this season. They also have a better record with Di Giorgio at middle linebacker than Pozluszny. Let's just cut Poz now to save our self the trouble of doing it in the offseason. They're winning games in spite of Edwards, not because of him.

As I've said before (perhaps not in this forum), Edwards is probably the starter next year but Losman is the better quarterback right now. In today's NFL there's no reason to play for next year if you have any hope of making the playoffs, particularly if it's been so long so you've been there. Look around the NFL. There are very few decent quarterbacks. Just look at the putrid list of has-beens, never-weres and has-weres that took snaps this past Sunday. The downside risk of giving up on a potentially solid QB far outweighs the loss of some extra snaps to prepare Edwards for next year. Who can say with absolute confidence that JP has been given a chance to completely disprove that he is a quality NFL quarterback? Let's have a thorough evaluation of what we have before we move on to the next guy, who has done even less to prove he's an NFL-calibre pivot.

The sad thing about this is that like most sports debates the sensationalist media forces the fans to take one side or the other. Trent Edwards seems like a great guy and may turn out to be a very good quarterback. Unfortunately the vitriolic discourse around who should play quarterback makes me feel that I need to despise him because I want JP to start. Can't we just look at this rationally without having to turn this into a civil war? We're all pulling for the same team here.


Dominic Bugatto said...

Poor Erin Davis ............. ;)

Anonymous said...

We shouldn’t feel sorry for Erin Davis. She has been a great role model for Hermy’s in the greater Toronto area.

Anonymous said...

Who is Jonathan Powers? I feel the need to wade in here, being the big Raycroft supporter I am. Just give A-Rod the ball, let him run with it, and Garnett will put this team on his back.

Steve Holt said...

Jonathan Powers is the only squash player I could name.