Wednesday, October 31, 2007

C'est L'Halloween!

To celebrate this godless holiday I've dressed up as a dipshit yuppie. It's a bit less adventurous than last year when I dressed up as Bennett, the bad guy from Commando (played by the second most famous Vernon Wells). In retrospect, that wasn't the greatest choice. The chainmail sleeveless shirt and the creepy moustache made for alot of unwelcome advances on the subway. Once I got to the office people just thought I was dressed as Freddy Mercury. Now, as we look back some 20 years later, why did we find that guy (Bennett, not Mercury) so menacing? He would look more at home shooting a super-soaker into a crowd of parade watchers than leading a band of murderous mercenaries. Even the name of the movie has taken on a more salacious meaning. I may need an actual costume for after work. Unfortunately my Marshawn grill and dreads kit hasn't arrived in time so I'll be forced to improvise. In a pinch I could just dress up in head-to-toe black and go as Bill Belichick's soul. My other option is to put on a wig and talk in a really deep voice. I doubt there will be many other people dressed as Jennifer Hedger this year.

It appears as though I'll be getting my wish and Jesus P will be back behind center on Sunday. In true Halloween spirit he should be able to carve up the Bengals secondary. Hell, they've even got orange uniforms. There couldn't be a more timely opponent. Of course the porosity of the aforementioned defense will give JP's detractors an easy out. Sure he threw for 350 yards and four touchdowns but it was against the Bengals. Edwards was on his way to a sub-200 yard game against the woeful Jets but that's blindly ignore that for now. Don't let the facts cloud your decision-making.

Have a safe and enjoyable Halloween.

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Dominic Bugatto said...

Did you know that the actor who played 'Bennett' was also the same Aussie actor who was the mohawked biker in 'Road Warrior' ?