Friday, September 7, 2007

You're the Whitney to my Bobby...

Only two days until the Bills season starts. My advent calendar is almost empty. I opened today's door to find a can of Genesee Light. It's on ice until I get home from work. The beginning of football season also marks the beginning of my hiatus from being a perfect husband. With 16 of 17 Sundays being spent on the not-so-jolly jumper of emotion that is being a Bills fan I occasionally neglect some of my basic spousal duties. This year, the stakes are even higher (for me, not the Bills) as I have assumed the dual roles of husband and father. As such, I should make an effort to operate as a normal human being even when, Lord help us, the Bills lose. No more swearing, sulking or crying. Actually let's just start out with less swearing, sulking and crying. The kid's only 8 weeks old so a couple F-bombs aren't going to bother her. That being said, she already knows the first third of the periodic table so perhaps I should be more careful what I say and do in her presence.

Being BA's Mom is no walk in the park so the least I can do is make an effort to not be a baby myself on Sundays. Despite that acknowledgement, I would like to apologize in advance for what will inevitably be a few lapses into the emotional paralysis of Bills fandom that will occasionally render me useless as either a husband or father. I will do my best to limit these occurrences. Luckily BA has a Mom that will sacrifice more than Dad will to make sure she has everything she needs. Thanks, from both of us.

Kenny checks his shirt pocket to see if that's where he left his dignity

You'll also notice that the sight got a bit of a facelift. To celebrate the change I've included the following picture of Kenny Rogers. I would have thought Kenny would be the type of guy to age a little more gracefully. Instead he grows a goatee, starts wearing blazers with designer jeans and gets his face mangled. Willie Nelson is turning in his grave. What, he's not dead? You mean a living person can look like that? Dear God...

Have a good weekend (unless you're the Denver Broncos, in which case I hope your Saturday is alright but your Sunday stinks)!


Marty said...

Facelift - $12,000

Designer Shirt - $400

Cufflinks - $80

Being so hip/cool that you don't even wear cufflinks - Priceless.

[I know - the 'priceless' joke format makes Von Dutch hats look like the iTouch....but I think it's due for a renaissance!]

Anonymous said...

Oh, so sorry, you are wrong about Willie and wrong about the Broncos and the weekend. I'd rather see you than be you. :)