Monday, September 10, 2007

Who's crying now?

So begins my series of columns with Journey songs for titles...

In what was one of the more unwatchable football games in recent memory, the Bills lost yesterday by a single point on a last second field goal. As you can imagine, I am downtrodden. Luckily I have a beautiful baby girl with an ability to console her sucky father so the pain is somewhat mitigated. I even managed a handful of smiles post-game, not immediately post-game but a couple hours later. You can add "crushing defeats of your favorite teams will be slightly less painful" to the list of things that are better when you have a kid.

Things look very grim in Orchard Park. An already suspect defense lost three starters and back-up tight end Kevin Everettt was felled by a gruesome looking "cervical spine injury". All four injuries will see the players miss significant time. The severity of Everett's injury goes far beyond the scope of this stupid column so let's just leave it at, good luck Kevin. We're pulling for you.

Little Charlie (I've now fully retired the name BA, realizing it was a dumb joke in the first place which I've made even worse by beating it further to death) seemed to enjoy the game. She was unfazed by the hootin' and hollerin' after Roscoe Parrish's punt return TD. Luckily her Mom had taken her upstairs to eat for the end of the game so she wasn't around for the cavalcade of F-bombs and flying Bills merchandise. That may have been a bit scarring.

Being a fan of this team is a test of biblical proportions. It bears comparison to the story of Job in the Old Testament who was asked to endure immeasurable suffering without any apparent rhyme or reason. Terrence McGee drops a game-clinching interception. That's akin to the destruction of your crops. Drew Bledsoe can't beat the second team Steelers in a game that means nothing to Pittsburgh. There's your dreadful boils. The suffering is all you have and the reward is the ability to say "I stuck with these guys despite the bloody misery they brought me". This is unlike Job who eventually was rewarded for his suffering. If I recall correctly he received a couple unicorns and a spaceship. I personally feel there's value in the suffering itself, hence the reason I believe I'm doing the right thing by raising Charlie as a Bills fan. Using the same logic, I just bought the first two seasons of "According to Jim" on DVD.

You call that suffering?

Here's a letter I just received:


First time writer, long time reader. Your biblical interpretation blows (sic). Why don't you stick with football, Sen. Larry and the wonderful daughter I may or may not have blessed you with.

Don't stop Believin'

Guy Upstairs

I'm not sure who this Guy fella is. He must be French-Canadian. Regardless, he's probably right. As Bills fans all we can do is look forward to next week in this unending gauntlet of pain. The next two games are in Pittsburgh and New England. Spectacular!

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Anonymous said...

Where's today's update? Yes, I will continue to bother you until you do this on a daily basis. You're the one who started the web journal so follow through......