Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Something to cheer about and something to cheer against

The Kevin Everett story took a markedly positive turn yesterday when it was announced he has made voluntary movements with his arms and legs. While there is still much uncertainty as to his prognosis there appears to be a good chance that he will walk again. Much of the credit goes to the medical and training staff on hand who's quick actions not only contributed to his possible recovery but very well may have saved his life. The doctors who have been treating and monitoring him both from Buffalo and the "Miami Project" should also be lauded for their efforts. Dr. Cappuccino is both a great name and a great surgeon.

Here's a picture of Kevin bulldozing his way through one of Michael Vick's ex-teammates, who appears to have borrowed a pair of my Mother's gardening gloves. You'll need more than that to stop this guy, you jerk! Anyways, this may not turn out to be the tragic story that it so recently appeared to be. That being said, Everett still has significant challenges ahead of him which I'm sure the team and the community will support him in overcoming. I'm looking forward to the day when Kevin walks onto the field at the Ralph, perhaps with his doctors. Let's hope that's not too far in the future. There's no way they lose that game.

The cheers to Everett and his doctors contrast to a hearty round of jeers for the New England Patriots and, in particular, their head coach Bill Belichick. HC Bill's repeated acts of classlessness are finally sufficient that even the Patriot panderers that are the national sports media can't ignore them. From the tawdriness of his personal life to his complete disregard for his player's well-being Bill Belichick has become a caricature of the evil football coach (think Jon Voight in Varsity Blues). Now that he has been caught cheating on the field, the NFL (and their PR partners at ESPN, CBS, USA Today, SI etc.) can no longer keep up the charade that he is some sort of quiet genius. Belichick is a man of few words and fewer morals. If Sheriff Goodell's job is to protect the sanctity of the game he should come down as hard on Belichick and the Patriots as he does on the players who commit off the field violations. It's time Goodell played the role of Quarterback Dawson to Belichick's Coach Kilmer and gave him a firm:

"I don't want your life".

Actually, JVB may have said "laff" as his Texas accent was pretty awful. Either way, you get my drift. The NFL would be a much better place with the return of Kevin Everett and the departure of Bill Belichick. Winning at all cost is not something the league should be promoting, just ask Ted Johnson.

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