Thursday, September 13, 2007

Shofar, so good

While I am not always a big proponent of organized religion (see my recent piece "Don't Ramadan our throats: A Critique of Government Funding for Religious Schools"), I am a huge fan of Rosh Hashanah. My office is basically empty save me and the IT guys so I could be making sweet, sweet love to the dog for the next two days if I wasn't so diligent. The relative quiet around the office has given me a chance to mentally and spiritually prepare myself for our last softball game of the year. Tonight we play in the championship game (and by championship I mean the consolation game to see who finishes 5th in our 10 team league). Right now I'm doing visualization exercises. I'm imagining rounding third and heading for home as the third base coach hands me a can of 50. It's a great image. Hopefully we win. To celebrate the game and Rosh Hashanah I have called the pub and had some nachos pre-ordered with apples and honey. They won't taste nearly as good if we lose.

You've never heard Stairway until you've heard it played on the shofar

It appears that Irish film star, Colin Farrell has gotten into the spirit of the high holidays a bit early this Tishrei. For those of you who haven't availed yourself of the Toronto Sun's new home delivery service you may have missed this morning's cover story. Who would have thought a story that began with Colin Farrell asking someone to come into his limo would have such a happy ending...actually, check that. That's exactly what I assume would happen in such a story. Anyways, Farrell invited local homeless man Stress into his limo and took him down to a local outfitters for a shopping spree. Farrell then handed him a wad of cash and, according to the Star, pre-paid for a year of his rent. The entire bill was estimated at ten grand. Colin Farrell, I may not like most of your movies but kudos for being a good guy. Shana Tova Umetukah to you, Mr. Farrell. I'm sure the big guy will look the other way next time you hook up with a teenager.

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Anonymous said...

Who can hate the irish? You can't possibly dislike a people who are drunk more than 50% of their lives.