Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Running Group worth joining

The other day I went for a run at the local park. Wow, that sounds like a sentence that would be repeated aloud by an English as a second language class. I need to start adding a few more syllables. Anyways, where were we? Ah yes, my all too infrequent jogging. Usually the track is essentially empty save a handful of women approaching middle-age with their "coach" who appears to be getting paid to tell people to run in circles. Basically, he's a dogwalker who doesn't have to pick up crap. On this day there was a significantly larger crowd. I wasn't really paying attention as I had my iPod on. Amongst the crowd I saw the usual serious runner types with their utility belts filled with secret potions and ultra-light weight, more-expensive-than-cashmere running shirts, but I also noticed a group of people who really stuck out. The reason they stuck out was that they were actually enjoying themselves! There was a group of special needs runners having the grandest time running a series of races being organized by a couple of coaches that were actually doing something.

I, like my compatriot yuppies, was going about my usual miserable task of trudging around the track for the sheer sake of "exercise". The other guys were sprinting around laughing while their friends and coaches cheered them on. It was like a Garth Brooks video without the awful music. These guys have it figured out. They're not peaking down when they run by someone to see if they have nicer shoes or checking their lap time. The rest of us, with our running groups and pedometers, could learn a thing or two about enjoying life from the other guys who were on the track that day.

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