Monday, September 17, 2007

The Juice is back

Time to dust off those old "Free OJ" t-shirts. The Juice has once again been framed by the forces of evil, this time for armed robbery. Allegedly, OJ and his golf buddies decided to take the law into their own hands and repatriate some memorabilia that OJ felt was still his. It's nice to see that even at the age of 60 OJ still has the leadership qualities that he possessed as a member of the Bills. Taking a group of your golfing buddies and turning them into a team of armed bandits is no small feat, allegedly.

You know what this all means, another 15 minutes of fame for the personalities from the first trial! Marcia Clark just got another nose, Fred Goldman had his moustache re-handled and Christopher Darden is getting his head buffed as we speak. Kato Kaelin got a call from his agent for the first time in years. Grab your crap and get to your local TV studio because the Juice is back!

I wonder if the cast of characters from the Anna-Nicole Smith trainwreck will feel threatened by the OJ crew. I can only imagine Howard K. Stern bumping into Denise Brown-Simpson on his way out of Larry King's studio. That would be awkward.

Howard: "Denise, what are you doing here?"
Denise BS: "I'm just going over some questions for the prime-time special I'm doing tomorrow".
Howard: "Primetime?, Larry told me he kept primetime open for ex-Presidents or Elizabeth Smart".
Denise BS: "What can I say? By the way, I missed you at Dannielynn's birthday party."
Howard: "You got invited? I thought it was just immediate family."

Finding out you're yesterday's news must be tough to deal will. Sorry, Howard K. At least you've still got your...oh, you really don't have much do you. That sucks.


Anonymous said...

OJ....that seems so passe, and so predictable. Couldn't you find any news that was a little more out there?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how stupid O.J. Simpson is! You'd think at age 60 he'd know better than to do something illegal again. Especially since everyone knows he got away with murder and was found liable in civil court, and since the Goldmans have published his book "If I Did It", renaming it and calling it a confession(which it probably is). He should have left the country a long time ago.

Steve Holt said...

O.J. is claiming that he "misintrepreted" the rules as they pertained to armed robbery. It's called pulling a Belichick.

Marty said...

Nordberg is done. He's going away for 30 years. This is a make up call that Ed Hochuli would be proud of.