Friday, September 7, 2007

Don't let the son of Idaho go down on you...

I came up with that headline but don't really have the story to go with it. Instead, let me just use this as an opportunity to say goodbye to Sen. Larry Craig (cue Elton John/George Michael duet). His on-again, off-again resignation appears to be back on again, though he is standing by his steadfast denial that he is not gay. This is despite the evidence against him and the fact that he pled guilty to lewd behaviour. The sting that netted Craig actually nabbed 41 men in total including, ironically, a Land's End sales rep (see my August 28th column). That's a lot of lewdness. I also uncovered another piece of damning evidence that has somehow alluded authorities and the media. Check out Sen. Larry's license plate:

That pokes a couple of holes in his claim that he was unaware of any "signals" he may have given.

(Note: if you see that image circulating around the internet, let me know. I made it)

It's been amazing to watch Sen. Larry's colleagues turn on him. I know this isn't a particularly original thought but I am shocked at how quickly his party has tried to distance themselves from him. Isn't this the party that accepted David Duke the former KKK Grandmaster, not to mention their current roster of bribe takers and madame frequenters? Go ahead and sell your constituents out to make some money from an oil company but stay out of the men's room! No wonder 41 dudes in Minnesota had to resort to sneaking into stall 2 for some man love. When the party that controls your country ranks your sexual preference below racism, infidelity and theft in terms of what's deemed acceptable what other choice would you have? Come to Canada. We're cool with it...minus the cheap jokes on some jackass' blog (that'd be me).

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