Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Toronto at its worst

I was starting to think that the tone of my stupid ramblings tended to be a bit too negative. As such I thought I'd find something nice and heartwarming to share with you like a "feel good" story about a crippled pet who inspires local firefighters or the re-opening of Kandahar's only online dating service (cram it with walnuts, Taliban!). Unfortunately my subway ride in derailed all that. Perhaps I shouldn't use the term "derailed" in the same sentence as my subway ride. You may have had a quick thought that I was writing to you from beyond the grave. No, I'm not dead but around 8:30 this morning I certainly wished I was. My subway ride this morning was a truly infuriating experience. Due to an "equipment faillure" the car I was on sat idle for 10 minutes and then had to be taken out of service. That was probably #4 or #5 on my list of what pissed me off about the trip. In keeping with my effort to limit the negativity I'll just mention two things. My first complaint is directed at the 18-22 year old ginger who I noticed sitting comfortably when I stepped onto the crowded, sweltering train. You know who you are, pock-marked and awkward version of a young Eric Stoltz with a bad lid and glasses. Though you had fairly thick glasses you could clearly see so I'm not sure how you missed all those people standing uncomfortably around you. I am not including myself in that group as you had as much right to that seat as I had (though I'm 8-10 years older than you I had a decent sleep last night so I'm fine to stand). There were two constituents of people that you should have noticed and dutifully given up your seat for. Firstly, if you had any decency you would have offered the seat to any of the 4 or 5 woman above the age of 45 near you. They're older ladies, you're a young dude. I know we don't take civics classes anymore but presumably you've at least seen such a move on a TV show. Secondly, if you had a brain (and/or a pulse) you would have offered the seat to any of the handful of cute, young girls nearby. What better way to get people to overlook your red hair than to wow them with basic manners. From what I've heard the moral standing of girls your age ain't what it used to be so it may have been very much worth your while. Instead you just sit there not making eye contact as if we're to believe you don't see anyone. I hope you enjoyed your seat as you chose it over treating your elders with respect or getting some, or both. Secondly, when you're asked to exit a subway car it would make sense to move beyond the exit as it makes it a bit easier for others to get out. The perpetrators of this crime against human decency acted much the same way as the mouthbreathing redhead as they inconvenienced everyone around them. Their heads were sort of down and eye contact was avoided. I guess that indicates that part of them knew what they were doing was wrong. Unfortunately it was a small part, the larger part was focussed on being douchebags. How we got the image for being so polite is absolutely beyond me.

That's it for the complaints. Despite the commute I've had a great day. The markets are up, I had a decent conversation with a solid B-list local celeb and most importantly the kid got a clean bill of health from the doctor. What was most impressive is that she offered her seat up to a less healthy kid in the waiting room.

The Bills first pre-season game is Friday and JP will get 12-15 snaps. That should be enough for three touchdown drives. I look forward to seeing the new offensive line in action. They'll need a name. How about "The guys who will manhandle the horribly overrated Ted Bruschi twice a year"? Now that's got a certain ring to it.

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Anonymous said...

Who was the b-list celeb? I want names dammit!! My guess is the Matchmaker host.

Gingers are horrible, horrible people....there's no debating that.