Monday, August 27, 2007

Surprisingly useful baby merchandise

If I had more time and energy I would actually have a long list to share with you under the heading of "things you should buy if you're having a baby". Instead I'll just concentrate on the item on that list which I am most pleasently surprised by. At first it would seem like a ridiculous luxury. Now having used it I'm not sure we could go without. It's a video monitor, that's right a video monitor. My wife was given the video monitor at a shower thrown by her work colleagues. Since she works in television they thought it was fitting that she have the latest in video technology (hint: she was one of the Designing Women but I won't tell you which one...just a second, Delta...oh crap, I've said too much). As you can imagine I was very skeptical of what I thought would be a complete waste of money. Luckily it wasn't my money so I didn't really care.

Now that BA has reached 7 weeks we felt it was time she tried sleeping in her own room. As such we needed to use our fancy new monitor. "What to look for in a baby monitor" was never a question I had asked myself. If I had I may have seen the merits of a video monitor sooner. The base purpose of a monitor is to allow you to leave your kid and get on with your business. The better the device is at facilitating this the better the monitor it is. Presumably the best monitor in the world would not just check to see if the kid is awake and/or crying but then rectify that situation. In the absence of Irona, a video monitor is about the best we can hope for. We live in a very old house that creaks with the slightest movement. The kid's room is actually the worst in the house in this regards. A more traditional monitor would require that we sneak into the room every now and again to see how the baby is doing. Having the kid on screen allows us to skip this step thus lessening the chances that we actually wake her up. That's just the start of what makes this monitor great. Think of the tricks you can play on people. I can't wait to hand the monitor to a visiting well-wisher while placing the camera in various hilarious places. Imagine being told "Here, look at our sleeping beauty" and then seeing an image of the neighbor's dog, an autographed 8 by 10 of TV's Craig T. Nelson or a pressed ham? Technology is a wonderful thing. Embrace it!

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