Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Reader mail and thoughts on Africa

Dear WWNW,

Did Jamie Campbell really say "Chone Figgins marks his teritory in the batter's box" last night?

Rich Mouthfeel
Saginaw, Michigan

He sure did. Kinda weird, but it sure made you look up in a hurry didn't it? Thanks for the question.

I wonder how Rich got my e-mail. Perhaps this will evolve into an advice column. Whatever the readers want I will provide. So far the combination of parenting advice, inappropriate humor, thoughts on midgets and Ted Bruschi-bashing hasn't really drawn a massive audience.

I'm supposed to be meeting up for dinner/drinks with an old friend tonight who has spent the last few years doing relief work in Africa. And when I say Africa I'm not talking the nice parts, he's been in places like the Congo and Zimbabwe where Madonna and her teams of publicists wouldn't dream of going. Madonna only steals babies from the more stable nations of Africa.

Anyways, this friend of mine is not a do-gooder by nature. He's actually a regular guy who likes to drink and have a good time(at least he used to). That's what makes his career decision so admirable. He's not finding himself or working off some liberal guilt, he's just doing what's right. At least this is what I imagine. I haven't seen him in a couple years so hopefully he's not just using the cover of aid work to smuggle diamonds to Yorkville or babies for Brangelina.

I assume about four or five drinks in I'll make some claim that "I should really get more involved" or "I'm going to give some money away". I know it because that's what I do. Usually it's just a "we should totally do that" or "let's get everyone together for" whatever it is that seems like the world's best idea half way through the third bottle of wine. With the usual "promises" there aren't really any ramifications or expectations. That being said, it's not a good personality trait and something that I should rid myself of now that I'm a Dad. Tonight will be different. Mark my words, whatever slightly drunken commitments I make tonight will be followed through on. It'll be good for me and good for Africa. Hopefully Sierra Leone has high speed.

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Anonymous said...

Why is the 'D' capitalized in Dad? Capital letters should be reserved for God only.