Thursday, August 30, 2007

I loved you in Growing Pains

As one of the readers pointed out to me I received a comment yesterday from someone directing me to their blog. Given all the doomsday stuff I saw I'm pretty sure it was Kirk Cameron. That's pretty cool. Thanks for reading Kirk. It's great to hear from a fellow creationist.

Upon further review I think the reader is actually forming some sort of religion of his own and may be refuting the more traditional teachings. So maybe it's not Kirk. I don't think Kirk refers to himself as the Messiah either. On the guy's profile he lists one of his favorite movies as "Michael" starring John Travolta and Andie MacDowell. That doesn't sound like something the old or new Mike Seaver would be into. He also lists the B-52s and C+C Music factory as two of his favorite bands. Imagine you had been convinced that someone was the messiah and given up all your worldly posessions only to find C+C Music Factory playing when you arrived at the compound. Hopefully you kept the receipt for the jumpsuit and Keds.

Well I guess I've lost that reader. Not to worry, I set all sorts of records yesterday so who needs him. I guess it just proves the age-old adage "everyone loves old gay dudes getting busted in public restrooms". Speaking of...George Michael reportedly spent 3.5 million pounds on something called "Saint Sebastian, Exquisite Pain" recently. It's a glass tank with a suspended black calf pierced by dozens of arrows. It's either a condemnation of organized religion or an ad from the veal council. I'll have to check my art history textbooks to confirm. It is not known where he will show his new piece (Minneapolis airport?). Apparently he has a gallery in Dallas, Texas with his partner. I think it's in the mall beside the Applebee's. I wonder if he also carries Thomas Kincaid prints and those motivational posters about Teamwork and Determination. You know, the one's with the rowers or rock climbers. Perhaps my image of a gallery in Dallas is a bit unfair to George. How about I order a dozen Anne Geddes posters to make it up to you.

The NFL season starts in one week. I have my fantasy team ready to go and BA's outfit all picked out. I just ordered my new Bills jersey. I was tempted to go with "J. Christ" #1 on the back but backed out at the last minute. Albeit hilarious, the joke wouldn't have been worth losing Kirk Cameron's respect. Instead I went with Posluszny. It's coming from Korea which means it's fake and will probably give me some sort of terrible rash but, Hell, I saved about $50. That'll buy a lot of ointment. I'll let you know what it looks like when it arrives.

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Boo...........where's today's update? I live for this!