Friday, August 3, 2007

Confessions of a Matchmaker

I really don't think A&E's Confessions of a Matchmaker is getting the attention it deserves. Admittedly, the base concept is a bit weak: a reality show that chronicles the action at a professional dating service. If this show took place in LA, or New York, or Toronto it would be completely unwatchable. Especially Toronto. I couldn't stomach watching some "jeans and blazer" douchebag trying to impress his junior trader date as they bounce between the mono-syllabbic bar/restaurants of the city's idiot district. What makes "confessions of a matchmaker" is the fact that it takes place in the Queen City - Buffalo, New York. It's entertaining simply for the instances where Lackawanna gets mentioned on national TV. The sweet accents, the fact that the most romantic restaurants in town have neon Bud Light signs (thanks to Marty for that observation) and the foul-mouthed matchmaker make this one of the gems of this summer. I highly recommend the episode with the self-proclaimed "King of Chippewa" who brags about not having to pay cover (from recollection the "it" bar on Chippewa had a $5 cover, so big f-in' deal swinger) and being a "day trader" (cool if it was still 1999, now just pathetic). There's also the surprisingly heartwarming bits where old, fat and/or awkward people find love. The "King of Chippewa" episode was a great mix of a self-important douchebag getting his comeuppance and some old lady enjoying a date with a nice old man. The best of both worlds.

I also wanted to call attention to the fact that Cellino is back. All is well in Western new York as "your" injury attorneys are back together again. I wonder how Barnes feels about the return of his partner. Was he enjoying his independence? Did he get used to the increased attention he received in the absence of the more gregarious Cellino? Cellino had been gone so long that people had probably gotten used to Barnes being the boss. He got to plan the Christmas party and pick out fixtures for the office men's room. Now, Cellino will be back with his stupid opinions on everything. Barnes was able to listen to his favorite radio stations on the drive to the office and now he has to go back to listening to Cellino's crap.

It will be interesting to watch their body language in upcoming commercials. I can imagine the following exchange:

Cellino: "Have you been injured in an auto accident?"
Barnes (shaking his head): "Why did you come back? Things were going so well without you. People had finally stopped calling me "ambulace chaser". Just leave, leavvvvvvvve." (runs off screen sobbing uncontrollably)

Cellino may sue him at that point, or shoot him. Either way it'll make the commercials more fun to watch.

Enjoy your civic holiday, Canada!

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