Friday, August 24, 2007

Brush with Greatness

Having your team do a West Coast swing is great when you have a newborn. With the Jays in LA playing the California Anaheim Cougar Mellencamp Evert Llyods (the team constatly changes it's name. The best jokes are definitely the one's that need to be explained) I actually had something to watch while I tried to get BA to go to sleep. More importantly it was something to wacth that didn't require volume or my constant attention. Add this to the list of things that are better when you have children.

Does anyone know if Morgan Freeman has fallen on hard times? The reason I ask is that I'm about 73% sure he was announcing stops on the subway yesterday. It was pretty awesome because it felt like the trip home had a narrator. Perhaps it's not a financial issue and he's simply preparing for a role as a subway driver. I guess there's a chance it wasn't him and I've just made a mistake. I was also pretty convinced that I saw Posh Spice coming out of the Curves on Danforth and Hakeem Olajuwan pushing a double stroller on Carlaw so maybe I'm just imagining things. I admit the Posh sighting was probably not her but I'm still convinced it was The Dream. He was about 7 feet, spoke with what very well could have been a Nigerian accent and was with a woman wearing a Muslim headscarf. He also looked like a nice guy, as he purportedly is. Dream, if you're in town please leave a comment so people believe me. Also, I just rode the elevator with Sinbad and Merv Griffin. Okay, now I'm just lying. On that subject was I the only one who thought Merv Griffin had been dead for years? Thank God I didn't actually run into him on the elevator recently. I would have thought he was there to inform me I was dead. My condolences to the Griffin family. I guess the world is now out of Mervs.

Speaking of movies, if you ever want me to not see your movie, advertise that "it'll have you dancing in the aisle and/or singing along". Why the hell would I want to do that? If I felt like dancing or singing I could go to church or a Phish concert. Seeing how I have little interest in either, particularly the latter, why would I even imagine going to your stupid movie? Besides, I heard Letters from Iwo Jima wasn't that good anyways.


Anonymous said...

Not a bad column, aside from the obvious and consistent typos.

No mention of the amazing softball game last night?

Steve Holt said...

Most of the readers were at the softball game so it would be a bit redundant.