Monday, July 30, 2007

The weekend that wasn't

John Gibbons did a great job messing up a winnable series while potentially screwing up his clubhouse (again). He (or maybe Ernie Whitt, but how could anyone be mad at Ernie?) screwed up the lineup card thus making Johnny Mac ineligible for Friday's game which is a textbook way to start a must-win series. The same textbook also suggests fielding only 6 players and spotting the other team 3 runs. The game itself was punctuated by the premature pulling of Josh Towers which led to the winning runs. Josh Towers' completely justifiable rant after being given the quick hook (thanks for the two 1-0 wins in your past three starts now go sit on the bench) is probably his ticket out of town which is a bit of a shame. Despite being God awful last year he was actually much closer to his 2005 form recently which makes him a pretty decent option as your fifth starter.

Note: I wrote "premature pulling" on purpose. It sounds funny.

The Halladay-Beuhrle duel on Saturday was a fitting follow-up to their last showdown. While I'm upset with the outcome I have to tip my hat to two pitchers who work so quickly. Kei Igawa and Miguel Batista should have their eyes forced opened while those two games are played on a continous loop for at least a week. Even the moustacheless Rod Black seemed bothered by having to sit through that Igawa start a few weeks back and he has to watch figure skating and CFL games! I thought it was impossible to upset Rod. BTW, grow the stache back. It takes the attention away from your thinning lid. Wow, that was unnecessarily catty. I guess I deserve a no yards penalty for that.

Nice to see a Chilean player admit that one of his teamates (or perhaps a coach) punched a female cop during their skirmish with police in Toronto. Perhaps the Star could put a picture of the cop's bruises above the fold as they did with the "sympathetic" picture of the tasered Chilean. I don't know why this whole story makes me so angry. I think it has something to do with how the Chilean officials and fans have blindly supported their spoiled brat soccer team despite their appalling behaviour during the tournament (and that's excluding anything to do with the brawl). Misguided nationalism really bothers me. If someone's being a douchebag than have the objectivity to call them a douchebag even if they're from the same place you are. Chris Neil is a douchebag. See how easy that was?

I got to stay up watching TV until midnight last night as the little one was up at her grandparents' cottage. As such I was able to watch the Sunday Night Sports Show on WKBW. The voice of the Bills John Murphy had a rundown of the top 7 questions at camp this year. I really can't remember what they were which is fine because there wasn't anything particularly interesting. What was interesting, however, was anything to do with Marshawn Lynch. The footage of him running through would-be tacklers was like a Bow-Flex commercial accept that the guy with the ball had dreads, better feet and the tacklers weren't really trying to tackle him (it was non-contact drills). Regardless it made my heart skip a beat. Lynch #23 has now moved past Jesus P. and Poz in the "Who's jersey will I buy" sweepstakes. I'm still very much undecided so don't give up Poz (you're still in the running too, Jason Peters, but I've already named my furnace after you and I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket). My McGahee experience is making me weary of running backs, though in the case of Willis we all knew it would end badly even if we didn't want to admit it. I really hope Marshawn finds a way to enjoy the Buffalo nightlife (or at least learns how to get to Toronto). Having spent a few nights on Chippewa I'm thinking a young Polish-American like Poz will feel a bit more at home in Western New York. Hopefully, I'm wrong. Maybe one day we'll see Marshawn and Thomas Vanek splitting pitchers at the Galleria Jack Astor's. If so, the first one's on me!

If anyone gets wind of a local version of "Too Catch a Predator" let me know the details. Here's what I'm thinking.

Me: "Hey Pat, we're going to a party at 1234 Whatever street. Why don't you grab some wine coolers and meet us there. It'll be awesome".

Pat: "sounds good"

Chris Hansen: "Seems like someone's looking to party"

Pat: "Damn straight!"

Who wouldn't see the humor in that?

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Steven Harper is a douchebag , I feel better now.