Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gary Busey could be CEO material

Apparently the stock market has decided to be uncooperative today. As such I figured it would be a good opportunity to take a few moments and start a blog. Its purely a vent at this point but we'll see where it goes...

I was also struck by a thought earlier today. Lindsay Lohan was arrested again for chasing some innocent woman in her car while all liquored up and in possession of coke. She was only just released from rehab. What's interesting to me about this whole thing is not that she was arrested (or that Vegas now has her as a 15 month favorite over Scott Weiland less than two years removed from starring in a Herbie movie), but just how quickly she was able to find illicit drugs. Cracked out celebs may be some of the most industrious people on earth. Despite being under the microscope of law enforcement, the paparazzi and their own handlers (presumably) trainwrecks like Lohan are able to procure illegal drugs within hours of being granted freedom, and limited freedom at that! That's the kind of resourcefulness that the US economy needs right now! Imagine if those skills were applied to resolving the subprime credit crisis? Someone scrape Nick Nolte off the terminal floor and hand him the reins at Countrywide. Maybe we could aim for even loftier goals. If Jake "The Snake" can find crack in Iowa (or wherever the hell he was in the dreadfully depressing documentary "Beyond the Matt") at a moment's notice why couldn't he re-unify Cyprus, Korea or Journey? (note: he may be dead in which case the question answers itself).

Anyways, just a thought. I feel better now.

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